Monday, 19 June 2017

Making a difference- Jonathan

😁Making a difference😁

We as humans are one of the most vicious creatures on the planet because we are always tearing down habitats and killing hundreds and thousands of animals,some so much we drove them to extinction. So what can we do to help make animals last longer?

Firstly, I believe that we should start using the five freedoms, these are freedom from fear and distress,freedom from pain injury and disease freedom from hunger and thirst freedom from discomfort and freedom to express normal behavior. Imagine you were a homeless pet with no shelter or food and               water,how would you feel? Sad? Lonely? Well this is this is what pets without the five freedoms are feeling.
This is why we need the five freedoms.

Secondly,everybody has a responsibility to animal welfare and one of them is if you had a pet to take full responsibility for it. One of these is to feed it everyday,give it plenty of water (if its a dog,bunny,cat,hamster,gerbil etc.)(and if it's a fish,,needs water anyway) and if its a dog plenty of exercise. Plus every animal needs space to move around I mean it's like this you take a dog just you just put in a cage,you take a fish you and you just pop it in a cup this is exactly what you don't do* while also making sure it has lot's of shelter and love.

finally I strongly agree that what we could do to help animals would be by donating and supporting organisations created to help animals in need and trying to get people to start supporting the five freedoms like the SPCA,PAWS,IFAW and WWF.

I hope these ideas will help you to save and protect animals in the future.

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