Friday, 23 June 2017

Make a Difference- Jiya

 Make a difference

I believe we should save animals and we need to use the five freedoms because the animals will be happy and safe. Every
Animal should visit the vet.

Pets should have shelter when it’s hot or rainy. When an animal feels scared or cold you should give it love and give them comfort. If you notice that your pet is feeling sick they should go to the vet. Every
Animal should get the right amount of food. If you don’t give your animal enough it will become weak.

We need to help S.P.C.A and to raise money for the animals because some need help. You can help spread messages around to save ‘animals’ because everyone will know why we save animals. Some people should volunteer to save animals. We can tell people about the five freedoms for all animals.

To help make a difference to animals that need a second chance, you can donate to an animal welfare agency. You can get advice from the internet and ask your local vet for help. We can help by adopting a pet after some research about that pet.

Every animal should have the rights and be happy.
By Jiya

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