Monday, 19 June 2017

Make A Difference by Rishaad

Make A Difference To me, in order for all animals to lead a happy life, they need food, water and shelter. An animal needs sufficient food and water to be healthy. Animals need a shelter to suit their lifestyle. They all need regular vet checks to be safe from disease. They should also get regular exercise. If they don't get love, they would be scared and as pet owners, we wouldn't want that. We, as people are responsible for all our pets to live in a clean environment. They should all have access to clean water or they won't survive. If they are injured, it's our responsibility to take them to the vet. They should receive love and understanding or they could run away or die To take action, we can donate to an animal welfare agency. You can adopt a pet to give it the second chance they need By Rishaad

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