Friday, 23 June 2017

In order for animals to love a happy and healthy life they need the five freedom. If you don’t give animals food or water they will starve to death. Secondly All animals need shelter ,If a dog is outside and has nowhere to go he or she could get sick and we don’t want any animals to die. Thirdy,many animals go to SPCA because they get hurt or get a disease and need need medical care.If you find a stranded animal in the middle of the road pick the animal up and take it to the SPCA. lastly many animals are scared and have fear and distress if humans go to a cat or a dog and they are scared of you you should love them and understand how it might feel. There are four pillars and they are emotional well being social well being physical well being and spiritual well being they help by telling us what well being. Animals need to live a full and healthy life. Animals need to have access outside to interact socially with other animals and have to run around where they live. To help support animals you could start off by giving your animals the the five freedom next you could donate money to an animal welfare agency i recommend WWF, paws or the Spca finally you could support the agency letting your friends or family know about the five freedom. Every animal should have the rights to be happy and live a healthy life By: Nishita

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