Monday, 19 June 2017

Make a difference task

Make a difference
All animals need the the five freedoms to live happy and healthy lives. We have to make sure that all animals have a healthy well being.

All animals need food and water to stay alive. I feel that all animals have to be fit and they have to express their normal behaviour. All animals need the freedom from discomfort because they need shelter from the rain and blazing hot sun. I know that every animal has to
Have the freedom from fear and distress. Finally all animals need the freedom from pain, injury, and disease so they need to visit the vet regularly.

In order for all animals to live they all need to get fed. We need to give them clean water. We all are suppose to check in on our animals that they have no diseases or have injuries or pain. We all have to make sure that our pet has a nice tidy environment to play around in.

Lastly I believe that we should all tell people about the five freedoms. We can all take action by giving money to charities that help animal welfare. We can also make sure that our animals have all of the freedoms.


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