Friday, 23 June 2017

Make a difference

Make a difference-Shrey
(Animal kingdom)
In order for an animal to live a happy and healthy life they need the five freedoms. These are the keys to every animal, life and one shouldn't be missing. The five freedoms are freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain, injury and disease, freedom to express normal behaviour last but not least freedom from fear and distress. To achieve the first two freedoms animals should be fed and given water regularly. Animals shouldn’t be disoriented or in discomfort e.g make them a little house or buy them one and add blankets and pillows or just let them stay in the house. To achieve the next two freedoms, if animals get hurt or injured don’t think they will heal themselves, take them to the vet, if you can’t try to help them yourselves. Let animals express normal behavior let them be outside if cats want to sleep let them sleep, if dogs want to run around let them run around. Because if you lock them up in one place there going to develop some mental health. Finally don’t scare your pet because they won’t play with you and every time you come around they will hide or even worse run away.

These are our responsibilities as pet owners when it comes down to caring for animals. The four pillars the physical, mental, spiritual and social well being. The physical well being relates to animals so they can exercise. The mental well being relates to animals so they are always challenged, solve puzzles play games and play games. Spiritual well being relates to animals so if they are treated wrong their spirit will be angry. Finally social well being relates to by them having a friend or a life partner not them being locked up all the time.

The actions I can take to help animals are. Getting a pet and giving it the five freedoms. I can also donate to local agencies, the final helping hand can give is trying to persuade people that animals aren’t terrible creatures but they are nature's gifts.

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