Friday, 16 June 2017

Make a different task - By : Leena

Make a different task

In order to make any animal healthy and happy you need to make sure that they are fed frequently and they have a balanced diet. You should make sure that you have fresh water for your pet otherwise they might not survive. The second important freedom is the shelter and the environment. Your pet should be comfortable and warm when they’re sleeping. The third freedom your pet needs is medical care. If you notice any irregular signs from your pet, you should take them to the vet every now and then. The fourth freedom is to express normal behaviour. Allow your pet to exercise otherwise, they’ll become weak and have no energy. The last and final freedom is love and understanding. If your pet does not have any love, they’ll become depressed and lonely which is not what you want. Try to encourage and support them.

If you chose to adopt a pet, it will be your responsibility to take care of it. It will become your responsibility to make sure that they have the five freedoms. I recommend that if you are not quite sure on how to notice if an animal is acting strange or looks sick, you can research on some animal welfare agency websites. Some recommendations are, the SPCA, WWF and P.A.W.S

To make a difference in the animal community, you could teach others about the five freedoms so that they could realize what we are trying to achieve for the animals. You can volunteer at your local agency and donate to help more animals in need of a second chance.

By : Leena

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