Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Make a difference

Make a difference
In order for an animal to live a happy healthy life they need the five freedoms.the freedoms are freedom from hunger and thirst freedom, from discomfort and freedom from pain injury and disease, freedom to express normal behaviour and freedom from fear and distress.the first freedom means to always give your pet the right amount of food and always have water available for your pet. The second freedom means have a clean environment and a place to stay. The third freedom means to have regular checkups at the vet to make sure your animal is healthy. The fourth freedom means to let the animal do what they usually do in the wild so they can express their normal behaviour. The last freedom means that all animals shouldn’t be really scared around their owners.

Secondly some of our responsibilities include the four pillars which are social well being, spiritual well being physical well being, and mental well being. Social well being refers to interacting with other animals. Mental well being is to being nice your pet. Physical well being is to give your pets room to play and give them lots of exercise and spiritual well being relates to being aware of their surroundings such as home.

We can take action with animal welfare by sharing with people what the five freedoms are and mean also you could support an agency like WWF, PAWS and Black sheep.   

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