Monday, 19 June 2017

Make a different task

Make a difference task
All animals should have a happy and healthy life. Every living  creature should have the 5 freedoms. The freedom from hunger and thirst is where every animal including pets should be fed the right amount every day and given fresh, clean and good water every day. The freedom from discomfort is that they should have a waterproof, comforting and warm place to live. Freedom from pain, injury and diseases [ medical care ] means if any animal or pet has been injured they can become better and the vet can check up on them if they get sick or ill. The  freedom to express normal behaviour is where animals should have  a spacious playing area or exercise area. It was a cheetah you would need lots of space. Freedom from fear and distress is everyone should have someone or a partner for life including animals

The responsibilities of pet owners include the 4 well beings for animals. Physical well being is giving them lots of space to run and the social well being is, let your pet socialise with other animals. Mental well being is treating them nicely and spiritual well being is inside the animal how they feel inside. You should teach others the 5 freedoms.

I believe that we can take action to make a difference of animals wellbeing by supporting SPCA, PAWS, WWF or the black sheep. You can also give donations at Countdown or New world. If you’re above 16 you can help the agency but they will do a interview and see if you’re nice and kind to animals. Do you want to take action and make a difference of lives.

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