Monday, 19 June 2017

Make a Difference

Make a difference task

All animals need the 5 freedoms in order to live healthy and happy live.

The first freedom animals need is freedom from hunger and thirst. If they don’t have food and water than they will starve throughout the day. Secondly animals need freedom from discomfort so they can be protected from predators,sun,wind and rain. Thirdly they will need freedom from pain and injury or disease because they can get sick or ill and getting scars. Next all animals need to express normal behaviours. All animals needs some exercise in their lives because it can help with normal interaction with others. Lastly, all animals need the freedom from fear and distress because from time to time they may become anxious and afraid. They all need love and understanding.

There are many responsibilities for having a pet.The first responsibilities for having a pet is giving them food and water so they can stay hydrated. The second freedom your pet needs is shelter so it can be protected from the rain and sun. Thirdly, your pet needs medical care so they won’t get sick. Lastly, your pet needs love and understanding so they won’t be in fear and distress

We can take action with animal welfare by sharing with people what the 5 freedoms are, support an animal welfare agency like WWF, PAWS, SPCA and Black Sheep.

By Tracy

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