Monday, 19 June 2017

Make a Difference- Robert.N

Make a difference
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The freedoms are the answer for homeless pets, hungry animals, and for all animals that don’t express normal behaviour.           

Firstly animals need fresh food and water to live a happy and healthy life. Secondly animals and pets shelter to stay warm in cold weather. Thirdly animals need to express normal behaviour. If animals don’t express normal behaviour they aren’t going to be healthy. Lastly animals and pets need to sometimes go to the vet because your animals might get sick or affected by something.      
Commons:Village pump/Archive/2016/10 - Wikimedia CommonsFree stock photo of dog, golden retriever, home
If you own dogs you should not leave them at home by thereself, because they are going to be bored and they will be alone.Another opinion is that owners must feed and give water everyday. Dogs must have something hard to chew on, to make their teeth strong. Lastly if you buy a pet you have to love it.
Stray - Free images on Pixabay                 Paws among Paratroopers: Therapy dog calms, uplifts and heals ...                

Finally, an action we could take is to help an owner look after their pet.Next you can donate money to a animal agency. Also if you like animals and when you are over sixteen you can work with an agency just like S.P.C. A, And they will see if you can handle animals.

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