Monday, 19 June 2017

Make a difference - Aryi Telfer

Make a difference

All animals have the same need - the 5 freedoms. They need to eat & drink so they won't be dehydrated or starving. Animals also need a comfortable shelter to stay in. Making sure that pets/animals have the freedom from pain, injury or disease is very important for their health. You can do this by seeing a veterinarian. If they get hurt badly they will need support. All of them need to feel, act like their normal selves. All animals need love, either from a human or even another animal.

There are many different agencies that speak for animals and help animals that are in need. Some stray animals don't have homes & the SPCA helps them. There are 4 well - beings that are called the 4 pillars. These pillars are mental and emotional, social, physical, and spiritual well - being. Sadly some animals don't have these well - beings or the five freedoms. 

These are some actions that we can take to help. One of these are, if you want a pet, head to the local SPCA or Animal shelter. If you're thinking of owning a pet, prepare a spot for inside and outside and a path between the two always open for it. There should always be a supply of food and water. 

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