Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Making a difference for animals

Making a difference for animals
In order for animals to live a happy healthy life they need the five freedoms. Which are freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from discomfort shelter, freedom from pain injury or disease, freedom to express normal behaviour and freedom from fear and order to achieve the first freedom you have to provide your animal regularly provide your animal with food and clean water. For the second freedom you have to provide your animal with a safe shelter and has to be proper like you wouldn’t give a cat a fish tank to live in or a fish a kennel to stay in so be very careful with what you choose for the welfare of your animal. If you want to prevent diseases or illness you may want to have regular checkups with a nearby vet to make sure your animal stays healthy. For a cat sleeping is expressing normal behaviour and for a dog running and going for walks would be regular. Some animals need love and it is our duty to make sure we provide animals with  this freedom so they don’t get really lonely.
Freedom from hunger and thirstFreedom from discomfortFreedom from pain, injury or diseaseFreedom to express normal behaviourFreedom from fear and distress
Our responsibilities as humans are to make sure that as well as the five freedoms animals also get the four pillars which are social well being, spiritual well being, mental well being and physical well well being means having friends and family so you don’t get lonely. Spiritual well being  relates to self awareness so the animal is aware of its surroundings such as home and where i am not aloud to go. Mental well being is to help exercise their brain by giving the puzzles to complete like find your food. Physical well being means to have regular exercise to keep your pet fit and healthy.

To help support pets you could start off by giving them the five freedoms. next you could donate money to an animal welfare agency suggestions are :WWF, PAWS or the SPCA.Finally you could support animals by telling your friends and family about the five freedoms.

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