Monday, 19 June 2017

Make a difference- Sarang

       Make a difference

All animals need the freedom from hunger and thirst, they need food and water to survive. The next freedom is the freedom from discomfort. All animals need shelter like we do, because when it is raining and if they don't have have a shelter they will get cold, wet and sick. The third freedom is the freedom from pain and injury and disease. If the animals have a injury and you don't take care of the animal they suffer and might die. The fourth freedom is the freedom to express normal behaviour for example if the cat is not sleeping for long it means it is not expressing normal behaviour because they normally sleep up to 16-20 hours a day. Finally our last freedom is freedom from fear and distress. If the animal has no love and understanding they won't know how to hunt for themselves or be social.

Our responsibilities are to take care of animals. We should take it to the vet when they are sick so they can be healthy again. We could take them for a walk because if they don't exercise they will get lazy and stay in the house for the whole day. We can take them outside if they are stuck in the house all day. When they are sick we can take care of them or take it to the vet.

Some actions we can take for the well-beings of the animals are we can volunteer to be a part of the agencies. We can donate money or time to help the animal. We can tell others about the five freedoms.

By: Sarang

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