Friday, 11 August 2017

How I get ready for school?

How do you, get ready for school !

I wonder, that when everyone gets ready for school they get called or have an alarm. But the way that you do is quite different from everyone else.” Isn’t it “.I will show you how I get ready for school.

Firstly, I arise out of bed with a grumpy expression.
Secondly, I stroll to the kitchen half asleep to make a cup of warm and delicious tea or milo.
Thirdly, I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth, wash my face.Then get a towel and dry myself.
Next, I walk to the toilet after that I wash my hands with soap.
Meanwhile, I change into my school uniform then I walk to the kitchen.To eat something which my mum gives me, perhaps maybe rice, toast or cereal.
Later on, I put cream on my face,arms and legs,comb my hair, then place socks on my feet, then put shoes on my feet and place my bag on my back.
Finally, my mum or big sister drops me or I stroll on my way to school.

In conclusion, This is how I get ready for school in the morning.My opinion is everyone has a unique way! So you shouldn’t be embarrassed because you have a different way of doing things.We are humans,we discover different things.So be yourself.

By Einstein

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