Thursday, 10 August 2017

How does our ear work?

 How does our ear work?
There are three parts in our ear. They are the outer ear, middle ear and the inner ear. All of these parts are important for listening. Can you imagine living without ears?

People hear sounds with their ears. The three parts in our ears are important to us. The outer ear is the part where you can see because it’s placed right beside your head.I believe the middle ear is important because it transports sound from the outer ear to the inner ear, so that’s why I think the middle ear is important. In vertebrates the inner ear is responsible for sound detection and balance.

In conclusion we should treat our ears correctly, for example we shouldn’t stick our fingers, pens, pencils or anything that might affect our hearing.  File:1404 The Structures of the Ear.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

                                                                                          By: Sarang

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