Wednesday, 9 August 2017

How do the human ears work?- Joseph

How do the human ears work?

How does the human ears work? I get up in the morning only to hear an annoying clock. This is because your ears are always active and can detect sound frequencies.

Firstly the sound goes through the ear canal which first reaches the ear drums which then vibrates that sets the ossicular chain in motion. Sound vibrates through the ossicular chain into the inner ear. The cochlea's hair cells have degrees of sensitivity for the detection of sound frequencies.The hair cells are arranged like a piano. The hair cells at the base are responsible for the high frequencies while hair cells in the apex [middle] are responsible for the low frequencies. This is then passed to the Auditory nerve which will then be translated to sound to the brain.

In conclusion, i believe the ears are used for listening and solving sticky situations. Our human ears consists of different useful part that can't be replaced. I hope this explanation showed you a variety of out of the world facts. Do you know any facts about the ears?


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