Friday, 11 August 2017

How I get ready for school- Shane.T

School, Bus - Free images on Pixabay
I like getting ready for school I feel fresh after my sleep. Theres many ways to get ready for school but, this is my way of getting ready for school.

Firstly I get up then walk to the bathroom to do a number one. Secondly I flush the toilet and wash my hands for ten seconds then close the door. Thirdly I have my underwear on so I put my left leg into to my shorts then my right leg too then I pull it up. Then I put on my shirt and my polarfest,socks and shoes. I have eggs on toast for breakfast. I pack my lunch and put it in my bag and my mum drops me off to school.

So now you know how I get ready for. Don't be shy to tell me.

What time does school finish mom again!?   

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