Wednesday, 9 August 2017

How does the ear work? (explanation writing)

How does the ear work?

Do you know how the ear works? In the ear system there are three important parts named outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. Our ears have many uses towards them but the main use is for hearing.

In our outer ear we have the ear canal. The ear canal is connected to our eardrums. The outer ear is located on the part of our ear. It consists pinna or auricle.

Next we have the middle ear which is between our eardrum. It contains three tiny bones named mallues, incus and strapes. They’re normally reffered to anvil, hammer and stirup.

Now we have the inner ear located way further down in our ear. The inner ear can also be called the cochlea. It is shaped similar to a snails shell. The inner ear contains sensory organs for balanced hearing.

In conclusion, our ears are used for hearing. There are many other reasons why or how our ears can be useful on a daily basis. Have you heard those mind blowing facts before?


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